About WE Nutrition

WE are experts in diet, nutrition and diabetes

WE Nutrition are Will Hadfield and Emma Jones:

Will is originally from Manchester and graduated from the University of Nottingham with a Masters in Nutrition (Registered Dietitian).

He has over 10 years’ experience working in large NHS teaching hospitals and in varied freelance and research roles.

He specialises in diabetes and complex weight management by using behaviour change and coaching techniques.

His passion is for education, self-management and empowering the people that he works with.

Emma is originally from south-west Wales and graduated from the University of Surrey as a Registered Dietitian.

She has worked in both the NHS and in not-for-profit organisations.

Her experience includes public health, weight management and corporate menu analysis.

Since specialising in diabetes and antenatal nutrition, Emma has worked in large diabetes centres in London.

She thrives on building relationships, problem-solving and helping people do what they want to do.